Hale Distribution
Hale Distribution

We are a retailer and wholesaler of equipment for anyone who enjoys the outdoors.

We carry lines of gear for hunting, fishing, camping, and gardening as well the finest brands of cutlery available from anywhere in the world.

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If you would like more information or for product sales, please contact us at: sales@haledistribution.com

Customer Service
If you need customer services or item returns, please contact us at: service@haledistribution.com

Technical Support
If you need technical assistance, please contact us via email at: admin@haledistribution.com

Welcome to Hale Distribution.

For more information on where to purchase our products or how to become a dealer, contact our sales department at sales@haledistribution.com.

Retail customers check us out at the following internet locations:

Buffalo Gap Outfitters
We want Buffalo Gap Outfitters to be your choice when it comes to buying outdoor equipment. We sell a variety of brand new items directly from the manufacturer as well as a mix of vintage and collectible outdoor equipment. We've got you covered, whatever it is you're into.

Iron City Blades
From Solingen, Germany to Seki, Japan, we bring you the highest quality knives and other fine cutlery from all over the world. Whether you're an outdoorsman, a collector, or an enthusiest, we have the blade for you.

Knife Yellow Pages
A comprehensive directory to the knife industry, custom knife makers, and to knife collectors and enthusiasts everywhere.

History at Arms
Coming Soon! http://www.HistoryAtArms.com
Take a look back into history at the weapons and armor that shaped our world. History at Arms will offer historical pieces and replicas from great civilizations like the Roman Empire, Ancient China, World War II Germany, Feudal Japan and the Great American West.

The Garden Table
Coming Soon! http://www.The-Garden-Table.com
One more way to get outside. Plant y'urself a garden in the backyard. Not only will you get to commune with nature, you'll reap the rewards of time well spent and there's nothing like garden fresh produce on the table! We'll be offering a wide selection of heirloom seeds and quality garden tools. Check back for more information on how and when we're launching this newest adventure.